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.tyag 7".

A couple of my friends and I spent a lot of time and money making the Terminally Your Aborted Ghost 7", but we recently recieved a very rude and demanding email threatening us with lawsuits and other ridiculous shit. What's this all about? Does anyone want to actually talk to me about it rather than come right out and be an asshole?

aim: hello liann
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Hello, yes we (I rather) sent those rather rude emails you speak of. I believe they are not uncalled for due to the fact that it was suppose to be out to us like 6 months + ago. We took it up with the labels in question first being cooperative understanding and intensly helpful getting them some copies sold, both of the label never made any agreement with us mind you. If you were to show up to a show selling a band that is playings shit without their knowledge and permission they'd be fucking pissed etc. Your friends and you have a warped understanding of "helping out" bands. Were not a bunch of assholes. Everything has been taken up with the labels like I said and it is between us and them. So please if you could refrain from talking shit places without knowing what it is like being in a band let alone trusting strangers who promise you the world and dont deliver we would appreciate it.

(The asshole of the bunch) Devon - Vocals

Terminally Your Aborted Ghost
well being that friends of the people actually involved are throwing in their two cents...here's mine:

tyag was promised copies of these 7"s...quite some time ago. the "label(s)" have made countless promises to send them out. even saying they had a delivery confirmation number (which was never disclosed!) the fact of the matter is: tyag let you release THEIR music, with no written agreement whatsoever...and now your friends are making money off of it! tyag deserves (and has a right to) finanical compensation whether it be by sending them a check or sending them copies of the merchandise. that is their talent and hardwork on those records, and you guys shouldn't be making all of the profit on it. devon was trusting you guys not to fuck them...and it appears that you are. not a good way to conduct business, and not a good way to get any other decent releases. you'd be surprised at how quickly word travels, and how quickly your "label" can end up out of fucking business.

i told them it was a bad idea from the beginning. "yeah, they'll send you 50 copies, yet they can continue to produce however many they want, and you'll never see another dime." you are SO lucky that you even found a band that would trust you and believe that you would actually follow through. any other band would have already filed the lawsuit, they wouldn't be waiting around month after month thinking the merchandise is actually going to show up on their door step.

don't be surprised at how rude he is being. anyone would be in this situation. he's emailed them several times trying to find out what is going on with this..and they just keep putting him off. they won't even give him a phone number to get in contact with them. seems a little shady to me. it's interesting how relapse and whoever else can buy copies of it, and tyag hasn't even SEEN it yet. kids email devon saying "you're 7" is awesome!" and all he can think is "wow, i've only seen pictures of the damn thing." pretty fucking sad, guys. way to go.

after this whole fiasco, i doubt any of this will be happening again though.
I understand what you are saying, but you should probably try to see where I'm coming from as well. I am a teenager. I don't have a job, I go to school every day, and I took $300 out of my own savings to help press this record. I did it because I like the music and I wanted to make it available to kids. We did all of this ourselves, meaning it was a long process. Hell, it took us about 5 different cover designs to finally make one that suited the record! The past couple of weeks we have been contacting distros to get them to carry the 7" because it hasn't been moving at all. We haven't collected any money from these distros, it's more of a consignment system or trade system, meaning I am still $300 out. However, I chose to spend that money doing something I feel passionately about, and I hardly expect to make it back.

We are not a "business," we are a couple of kids with a DIY label. We don't wear business suits and take people's money. Everyone knows that underground music doesn't profit.

We really did mail out the 7"s, and like I told Devon, we mailed it priority with delivery confirmation. Obviously, this is an issue that we have to take up with the post office, as now and then they're known to fuck up because we are all human.

Don't think that we didn't take a big chance by working with a band that we've never met or seen live! Believe me, I thought it was a bit trusting to put out a record for kids that we didn't know, but I took the chance and did it anyway, hoping for the best. The guys have flaked out on us too, but we weren't that crazy over it because, well, shit happens, and we understand that.

I'm really very sorry that we're all having a bad experience with this release. Seeing how this is the first record I've been a part of, I really wanted it to be a positive thing. I think that we can straighten everything out if we're all patient and a bit more understanding. I know that the guys in TYAG are not out to get us, they just want to know what's going on with their record, and of course we are not "label people" out to get them. I gave Devon my phone number so he can get in touch with me. I'd really like it if we talked this situation out so we can get each other's perspectives.

is this landmine youth doing this?


October 13 2004, 22:24:26 UTC 13 years ago

yeah they are. but there going by the name Sick Machine and Abort The World Records.... its the same kids
That's right. There were 3 of us doing Landmine Youth, but one of us decided to do his own label, Abort the World, so Landmine Youth is now Sick Machine, which is a way better name.
if you say so
I do. Go listen to Infest and get smart.